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Tips to Be Followed While Going For Lobster Diving

Lobster Diving is one of adventurous sport loved by everyone and it is a kind of sport where anyone can participate in it. But before going for a lobster diving, certain tips to be followed by. By knowing about the tips and techniques, the divers can get trained in an effective manner. As a lobster diver, the important tips that should be followed by them are,

1. Diver’s  attitude:
2. When to do lobster diving
3. Lobster diving equipment's
Diver’s attitude:
The diver’s attitude should be strong enough to face all the challenges that may occur in under water. If the diver is physically fit ,then they can reach the surface of the underwater and do more lobster hunting .The reason why the diver should have a good mental attitude because, in case if he gets sunk in water, the diver should be mentally prepared to handle that situation. So it is important to be physically and mentally fit to do successful lobster diving.

When to do lobster diving:
The lobster belongs to nocturnal category and during the day time it hides behind the rocks and reef and these lobsters come out at night times to get some food. Doing lobster diving at night time will lead to successful lobster hunting but in the day time it requires more effort to catch the lobsters.

Lobster diving equipment's:
When going for lobster diving, the diver needs to have a certain set of tools along with him. They are dive flag, tickle stick, catch bag, lobster gauge, gloves, underwater halogen lights, lobster net and tail snare. The lobster nets are used for sand flats where as tail snares are used for reefs. The tickle stick is fiber glass thin rod which is 24 inches long and the purpose of tickle sticks is to make the lobster come out from their holes in a gradual manner. It is important to have catch bag and lobster gauge while going for lobster diving. This is because the lobster gauge will measure the size of the lobster in underwater and if the lobster is in a required size, then the diver will place the lobster in the catch bag or else it will released in under water itself. The catch bag should be good and spring loaded lobster bag because this helps the diver to access the bag in one hand itself and it is easy to open, place the lobster and close the bag.
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